Ether can be observed experimentally

The measurements made by me in the end of 1960-ies and beginning of 1970-ies years at interferometers of the Michelson type with gaseous, liquid and solid optical light carriers apppeared to be positive in principle (i.e. detecting "aether wind"). The non-zero shifts of the interference fringe that I have observed transferring by means of the TV system its microimage at the stationary screen of the kinescope (outside the rotary optical stage), have taken place for all optical media with the refractive index in the range 1.0001 < n < 2. In the region 1.0001 < n < 0.2 there occurs the linear growth of the fringe amplitude shift proportionally to n2 − 1, then this growth ceased gradually decreasing to zero. In the zone n2 ∼ 2 the fringe shift becomes unobservable, and at n2 > 2 it changes the sign and grows with a new sign proportionally to (n2 − 1)2. Thus, the interference fringe shift is absent only in the laboratory vacuum (n ≈ 1) and in optical media with n2 ≈ 2.
I allocate at this site all published by me in high school press of new Russia reports with positive results of detecting the aether wind velocity in the experiments performed at 55.80° NL in Obninsk. At different times of day and night the run of the optical platform in the horizontal plane reveals the projection v of the aether wind velocity vector. It changes in the interval of values 140 < v < 480 km/s. With the additional elevation of the optical platform at the tilt angle from ∼35° to ∼80° in the direction of the Twins constellation the observed from the shift of the interference fringe aether wind velocity attains 600 km/s. The values of the tilt angle ∼35° correspond to measurements in summer at noon or in winter at midnight, and the tilt angle ∼80° – to measurements in winter at noon or in summer at midnight. All details of these experiments I report at this site.


The list of publications
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