Why over 30 years aether wind was not detected in Michelson-type experiments with resonators


Ushakov State Maritime Academy, Novorossiysk

We show that measured by S.Herrmann et al., Phys.Rev.D 80, 105011 (2009) the relatively small variation δν of the resonance frequency of a chosen mode of an evacuated optical resonator, when changing its orientation in space, can not serve as an indication of the absence of a preferred direction related with the motion of the setup in aether. In order to detect the absolute motion and determine the value and direction of its velocity, the volume of the resonator should be regarded, at any degree of evacuation, as being an optical medium, with its refractive index n > 1 to be necessarily taken into account, irrespective of the extent of the medium’s tenuity.
If the working body is a gas then δν is proportional to n2 – 1 = δε and to the square of the velocity υ that the resonator moves with in aether. At sufficiently large values of optical density, δν is proportional to (n2 – 1)(2 – n2) = δε(1 – δε), and at n > 1.5 it may possess such a great value that there even becomes possible a hopping of the automatic laser frequency trimmer from the chosen mode of the reference resonator to its adjacent modes. Taking into account the effect of the medium permeability in experiments with resonators performed by the scheme of the Michelson experiment enabled us to estimate the absolute speed of the Earth as several hundreds kilometers per second.


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