Why Shamir and Fox did not detect "aether wind" in 1969?


Ushakov State Maritime Academy, Novorossiysk

Up to 1960ies the measurement of the aether wind velocity by the technology of Michelson presumed that a medium placed across the path of light rays has no substantial significance (except as being an obstacle) for obtaining the expected shift of the interference fringe from the brought together orthogonal rays on the interference screen of the turnabout device. In 1960ties several authors began independent research on the Michelson-type interferometers with di erent optical media used as light carriers. J.Shamir and R.Fox declared "negative" the results of their measurements on the plexiglas (though they registered the fringe shift 1/3000 fraction of the fringe's width and de- termined the respective velocity of aether wind 6.5 km/s). The authors considered this result as "enhancing the experimental basis of special relativity", and their report has been published. My results of same years appeared to be positive. I managed to register on gaseous, liquid and solid optically transparent bodies hundred times greater relative shifts of the fringe (0.01-5.0) giving for horizontal projection of the aether wind velocity the value of hundreds km/s. At different times of day and night at the latitude of Obninsk-city I registered the change of this velocity in the interval 140-480 km/s. Insofar as my results "weaken the experimental basis of special relativity", their publication is still refused.
I will show in the present report, basing on my experimental experience, that in reality Shamir and Fox obtained positive results. The historical precedence of misunderstanding the positive measurements of aether wind of the order 200-400 km/s, performed by Michelson and Miller in 1920-1930ies at lengthened to 32 m air light carriers, described by me in arXiv:0910.5658v3, 24 June 2010, re- peated in the work by Shamir and Fox. Misunderstood was another artifact, manifesting itself in an interferometer with a solid light carrier. In the current work, I explain the nature of this artifact, hiding from Shamir and Fox their experimental success in detecting the aether wind velocity of hundreds km/s. I discuss also the inadequacy of their own interpretation of the results.


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