Detector of aether operating on transverse Doppler effect


Ushakov State Maritime Academy, Novorossiysk

Rotating the source of light around the point lying on the light's beam we can observe the transverse Doppler effect by a spectrometer located in the center of rotation. The anomalous shift of the electromagnetic wave's frequency was found from this experiment (performed in 1969–1974 years) that appeared to be much higher than anticipated from the standard relativistic expression taking into account solely the linear velocity of rotation of the source in the laboratory. The interpretation of the experimental observations admitting absolute motion of the Earth and respective accounting for reality of the Lorentz contraction and time dilation enabled us to determine the speed of the Earth relative to luminiferous aether. It appeared to be somewhat above 400 km/s that agrees well with the value formerly found by me using three methods of determining the speed of "aether wind" by Michelson-type interferometers thoroughly accounted for refractive indices of optical media.


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