Why Trimmer et al. Уdid not detect" aether wind in 1973?


Ushakov State Maritime Academy, Novorossiysk

In 1960s several authors began independently studies of the interferometric detection of "aether wind" using in the device optical media. Shamir&Fox in 1969 made measurements on the plexiglas and declared them УnegativeФ (whereas they registered the shift of the fringe at ~1/3000 of its width, and "determined" a corresponding to it velocity of aether wind ~6.6 km/s). In 1973 Trimmer et al. mounted at the one-armed device the glass optics and registered with a big resolution the shift of the interference fringe (at most ~10–6 of its width) and determined by it the speed of "aether wind" ~3.8 cm/s. This result enhanced still more the confidence in that the attempts to detect aether are unfavorable. However, my results of the same years being favorable fell out of the common line of "negative" verdicts to aether. I managed to register on gases, liquids and solid optical materials million times greater relative fringe shifts (0.01–5.0), revealed the horizontal projection of the aether wind velocity hundreds km/s. Since my results Уweakened the experimental foundation of special relativityФ, their publishing is rejected until now.
In the current report I argue reasonably, relying on my experience, that Trimmer et al. (as well as Shamir&Fox), actually obtained positive results in their measurements of aether wind which amounts to several hundreds km/s, proceeding from the declared by them resolution of their experimental units. I believe their experimental data. But I guess that they were faced with hidden artefacts in the interferometer with solid optic materials and not aware of it. The theory used by them for processing the measurements of the interference fringe shift obtained is not appropriate for interferometers with solid optical materials. I have found the possible reason why Trimmer et al. did not reveal the experimental facts undermining theories repudiating aether.


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